Massive Darkness 2

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3 sizes card dispenser

Price €18.00

Card dispenser of 3 different sizes: ·      3 bottom slots: max width 92mm, max height 20mm. ·      4 middle slots: max width 69mm, max height 34mm. ·      6 top slots: max width 46mm, max height 40mm. Ideal for setting up Massive Darkness 2 (you will need 2 dispensers to play in campaign),...

Insert Massive Darkness 2 : Boite SG pour Cartes et Pions

Price €62.00

Organizing insert for Massive Darkness 2: Hellscape board game by CMON. Allows to hold and organize all cards, tokens and character boards in the Darkbringer Pack box. See detailed description below. Token caps not included.   2 options available for Health and Mana token containers:  container...