Insert for Massive Darkness 2 All-In (without Demon Dragon)

Organizing insert for Massive Darkness 2: Hellscape board game by CMON.

Allows to hold and organize the game (Kickstarter edition) and all its expansions except the Demon Dragon in 5 boxes of the game (see pictures).

Caution: Demon Dragon box content is not included in this insert.

All campaign cards are gathered in the Heavenfall box.

Token caps not included.


2 options available for Health and Mana token containers: 

  • container for encapsulated tokens ("token tower" storage)

  • containers for "bare" tokens (loose storage sorted by value).


Ready to play: quick setup thanks to component containers designed for in-game use. Cards and tokens sorted by Hero classes.


Ready to draw: quick setup thanks to card dispensers designed for in-game use.


Individual slots for miniatures (see pictures).

Compatible with sleeved cards.

Weight: 2.5kg

Printed to order, shipping within 3 to 5 weeks.

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Encapsuled Tokens

Description of boxes content:

Basic Box: Contains the Boss and Helpers miniatures (except for Rainbow Crossing miniatures which are stored in Heavenfall box). Also contains some of the Heroes and Stray Monsters miniatures.

Can contain painted miniatures, just be careful not to add thick decor to the bases on the 3mm of the edge which allows to maintain the miniatures in their places.


Darkbringer Box: Contains all the tokens, player boards, and cards for the whole game, except for campaign supplies and Rainbow Crossing box supplies.


Rainbow Crossing Box: Contains all Lieutenants miniatures except for Heavenfall and Rainbow Crossing ones.

Also contains the remaining Hero miniatures. 


Heavenfall Box: Holds the content of Heavenfall and Rainbow Crossing Boxes and contains all the cards from other boxes that are intended to be played in campaign (above level 5).


The Four Horsemen Box: Contains map tiles. 

Most of the small miniatures (Serids and Heroes) and mid-size miniatures (Lieutenants) can be arranged as preferred in their respective slots.


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