Insert for Marvel United: Season 2 ALL-IN

Organizing insert for Marvel United board game by CMON.

Allows to hold and organize the complete season 2 of the game in the base game box (which will contain cards) + the SG box (miniatures) + X-Men: Days of Future Past box (Sentinel miniatures and cards) + an expansion box (tokens, Locations, enemy sheets and instructions).

Caution: This insert cannot contain the cardboard Location tiles or the cardboard Villain dashboards (season 2 add-on).

Ready to play: quick setup thanks to component containers to place directly around the game board (see photo). Component containers are compatible with plastic counters.


Free placement of miniatures in their racks.

Compatible with cards in sleeves up to 90 microns (thinner sleeves are preferable for easier handling). 


2 options available:

  • Insert for cards without sleeves (no additional card storage)

  • Insert for sleeved cards (additional card storage to insert in an additional expansion box)


Weight: 1.7kg

Printed to order, shipping within 3 to 5 weeks.

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Sleeved Cards (additional storage)

Caution: This insert can ONLY hold season 2 of the game.

Caution: Miniature racks are tight-fitting and should be removed from the box with care. Miniatures are held in place only by the side of the base, allowing painted miniatures to be stored with only the side of the base left unpainted (see photo).

Dividers are available here, for example: https://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/228893/horizontal-card-dividers-x-men


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