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Pack of inserts for Nemesis (V2) + Aftermath & Voidseeders Expansions + Histoires Interdites + Terrain 3D + Medecin

Organizing insert for Nemesis board game and Void Seeders and Aftermath expansions by Awaken Realms.

Allows to hold and organize the game and Terrain Expansion in the game box as well as Void Seeders, Aftermath and one Untold Stories expansion in the expansion box.

Can contain the 3D scenery from Terrain Expansion and the Medic’s miniature, board and cards.

Can also contain the 3 additional rooms from the expansions that are compatible with the basic game.

Supplied with protection caps for Intruder tokens in the 2 boxes.

Caution: If you own an expansion box from the 2nd crowdfunding campaign edition, this insert will be compatible but the lid will be raised by 5mm.


Ready to play: quick setup thanks to component containers designed for in-game use.


Ready to draw: quick setup thanks to card dispensers designed for in-game use.


Individual slots for miniatures.

Compatible with sleeved cards.

The game box can be stored vertically.

Weight: 2.4kg

Printed to order, shipping within 3 to 5 weeks.

100% secure payments

Caution: Some Intruder and Nest miniatures must be placed in a specific way to fit properly in their slot.


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